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Regulation Contisuyo Chapter


From Parinacota to Cusco (With the support of the Agency of Arica and Parinacota, the Chilean Association of Municipalities of Tarapacá, Arica and Parinacota, and the Governments of the Peruvian Regions of Tacna, Moquegua, Arequipa, Ica, Ayacucho, Apurimac and Cusco) 


"The Ruta Inka 2016 In Defense of Mother Earth" is an expedition with the aim of raising awareness about the environmental protection. With that purpose four expeditions will be simultaneously inaugurated on 21st June, 2016, in the four administrative regions of the Tahuantinsuyo, ending its activities on August 1st, in the context of a Cultural Festival celebrated in Machu Picchu. The Contisuyo expedition is organized with the support of the Government of the Chilean Region of Parinacota and Arica, counting with the participation of 120 members, including students, journalists, artists, academics, UN volunteers, instructors and other supporting staff.

These expeditions will visit different towns of great ecological, cultural and archaeological interest, to make the sanctuaries, reserves and indigenous populations visible. Participants will interact with locals and will spend some time living together with these communities, integrating, in this way, academic, experiential and intercultural learning.
To ensure the success of this journey it is necessary to meet the following regulation terms.

The participant will have a student role, which implies compliance with an academic schedule, and his adherence to minimum standards of behavior. He will show an attitude of respect, responsibility and learning spirit towards the organizers, other participants and local communities.
The participant must understand that the Ruta Inka has over 16 years’ experience selecting youth of the world to get to know the native peoples of Latin America and that this work deserves a responsible behavior, so if the ECC finds any attentive behavior against the peaceful cohabitation within the group or towards the host communities, the offender shall be separated from the expedition.

It should be kept in mind that the conditions for carrying out the expedition can involve discomfort, adverse weather, days of hiking, adventure sports (climbing, swimming, rowing, etc.). Accommodation will be at camps (tents), military garrisons, community halls, schools and other places that offer the conditions for establishing the camps, so it is advisable to have your own tent or share it with a fellow traveler. You should bring a sleeping bag and appropriate clothing for 3 different climatic zones: Coastal (including beach), Sierra and Amazon. A flashlight, a water bottle, insect repellent, sunscreen, and a right backpack will also be required for the expedition.
Due to the nature of this expedition in which you will live together with a great diversity of people, organizers will establish working groups to improve the logistics work and promote a peaceful coexistence.

Given the magnitude of the expedition, when circumstances so warrant, there might be changes in the schedule, if we get new support from communities preliminarily not considered emerge, due to climatic events or natural disasters or for the benefit of Ruta Inka’s purposes.
Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and accommodation costs, transportation, medical care and activities planned during the expedition will be covered by the participants’ fees, which will be administered in a transparent manner and with the greatest possible rationality. All additional expenses (laundry, personal purchases, additional foods, unplanned activities, etc.) shall be borne by the participant. To make the whole experience more pleasant, the Ruta Inka has achieved that host communities, according to their possibilities, will offer us receptions, activity programs, free meals or free entrance to museums, visits to archaeological sites or sites of historical and artistic value with local guide support.

Participants must be aware of the great work involved in carrying out this project. For this reason, they must be fully prepared to support in the resolution of any mishap that may arise during the course of the expedition. Likewise, they should be ready to share their literary artistic or musical talents with the rest of the expedition, to organize and conduct recreation games or to perform any other action that can contribute to the success of the expedition.
Selected candidates assume the use by Ruta Inka of the photographs, articles and reports produced during the journey, authorizing their publication in the media of the organizers. These publications will include the respective credits with the recognition of their authorship.

Participants should behave safely avoiding any risk to the integrity against the lives or integrity of others.
Whereas the Ruta Inka is a non-profit organization and supported by many indigenous peoples acting in good faith at all times, entrants release the Chilean supporting institutions, the Ruta Inka and its associated villages from any liability for damages of any kind that may arise because of disobedience to the recommendations of the organizers.
Each participant’s fee will cover the cost of 42 days of travel, since the inauguration in the Region of Arica and Parinacota, until the end in Machu Picchu. Once the Ruta Inka 2016 expedition is over, organizers responsibility expires, so each participant will have to find his own means of transport back home.

NOTE: The organization recommends taking with you some pocket money for incidental expenses (around 100 US dollars).

Classification of misconducts and sanctions

SERIOUS FAULT: Any behavior that harms the development of the expedition, putting at risk the life of others and/or seriously harming the peaceful coexistence among the group will be considered as a serious misconduct. The maximum penalty shall be applied to any of these actions, which involves the expulsion from the expedition. The expelled participant will lose the 100% of the deposit given to the expedition.

MODERATE FAULT: Any behavior that is potentially harmful to the development of the expedition and/or seriously harms the coexistence will be considered as a moderate misconduct. (Reiteration of 3 moderate faults escalates to a SERIOUS MISCONDUCT). Sanctions of this kind, correspond to three aspects:

2.1. Misconducts interfering with the correct development of the expedition or affecting its participants. A meeting between the managers and those involved will be held in order to solve the conflict in a timely manner. A sanction may be adopted during the meeting involving tasks development, financial penalties or expulsion.
2.2. Not performing delegated activities and ignoring the directions of organizers/coordinators would generate sanctions that go from the development of educational activities to economic sanctions.
2.3. Problematic behaviors or attitudes that hinder the coexistence and development of the expedition.
2.4. The breach of the commitments made at the time of being selected may also be considered as a moderate misconduct.

Rules of behavior

Without this list being exhaustive, it aims to highlight the main practices that may be deemed to be sanctioned:
The consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden in the context of the Ruta Inka program.
The use of other toxic and/or psychoactive substances is strictly prohibited.
Anyone caught stealing the belongings of another participant or inhabitant of the host communities will be separated from the group and competent authorities will be duly informed.
Any physical assault or verbal threat against the integrity of any member of the Ruta Inka or any inhabitant of the communities visited.
Not attending the scheduled activities of the Ruta Inka program.
A breach of trust reported by any member of the Ruta Inka or inhabitant of the communities visited.
The use of aggressive gestures or moods towards any member of the Ruta Inka or inhabitant of the communities visited.
To cause damages to the facilities, goods, animals or the environment.
The lack of hygiene and tidyness in daily tasks that affects the community living.
Lack of punctuality in the performance of the activities.

Note: If due to the participant’s fault, he does not reach the chartered transportation, he will have to bear the costs of transportation in order to reach the group, with no right of reimbursement.

The abandonment of the expedition

In case of abandonment of the expedition for reasons of force majeure duly verified, the registration fee will be proportionally refunded, according to the following scale:


0-15 days from the official start of the expedition__________50% of the total amount will be refunded.
16-30 days from the start of the expedition______________30% of the total amount will be refunded.
From 31 days onwards___________________________________ No refund will be made.

Academic Program

The academic program will be coordinated in Peru and Chile, with the collaboration of partner institutions specialized in the field of multiculturalism and the promotion and dissemination of ancestral knowledge. These activities will be certified by the Chilean host institutions, the Ruta Inka and other supporting institutions.

Team work

Each participant will belong to a working group that will rotate to a different task periodically, depending on the number of members and the activities to be undertaken.
Team building activities and the ones essential to the aim of the Ruta Inka, will be compulsory.
Logistics activities will involve tidying-up, cleaning, cooking, field activities, general cooperation in the common areas and the overall mobilization of participants, as well as any other activity that may be required during the trip. These tasks will be led by coordinators and monitors.
Coordinators will help solving any issue that may occur, as well as providing support to the managers, based on the values ​​of respect, responsibility, solidarity, humility, honesty and cooperation.


There will be 3 daily meals, and the menu will vary depending on the availability and eating habits of the different regions.
The logistics group in charge of meals will be coordinating the provision of food with the host communities.
Each participant will take along with him his own cutlery (a plate, a cup, a spoon, a fork and a knife). And take care of them during the expedition.

Health issues

Every participant should carry with him a first-aid kit containing disinfectants, gauze, cotton wool, bandages, adhesive tape, anti-diarrhea tablets and painkillers; as well as water purification tablets and other personal medicines.
If the participant’s health condition prevents him from continuing at the expedition, he may leave it or continue, taking into account the restrictions from the medical team.


After being shortlisted, candidates must submit the following documents:
Curriculum vitae
A copy of passport and/or identity card.
A letter of recommendation on letterhead including the signer’s phone number and email.
A Monograph
A cover letter with proposals for improvement to contribute to the expedition’s success.
A copy of a medical certificate of good health.

Insurance policy

Participants hold a travel insurance covering assistance in case of accidents. Excluded are those illnesses or injuries resulting from chronic conditions prior to departure and their complications and relapses. It does not include the cost of prostheses, arrays of teeth, glasses or contact lenses.
It is recommended that the participants hold a travel-medical insurance.

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