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Open Call for the Ruta Inka 2016 - Antisuyo Chapter


Antisuyo Chapter: From Rio Branco to Cusco. With the support of the Government of Acre in Brazil and the Governments of Madre de Dios and Cusco in Peru (*) 

A. Overview:

Grupo A.1 This great adventure is part of a proposal submitted for consideration by the United Nations, the Governments of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, State of Acre (Brazil) and various other partner institutions of Ruta Inka. It involves the mobilization of four expeditions that will be simultaneously inaugurated on June 21st in the four administrative regions of the old Tahuantinsuyo, heading towards Machu Picchu and to be closed on August 1st, 2016 on the occasion of a great ancestral festival: the Day of the Pachamama (Mother Earth’s Day).

A.2. The expedition for the Antisuyo, will start in Rio Branco, Brazil and will be developed under the leadership and coordination of the Government of Acre (Brazil) and the Regional Governments of Madre de Dios and Cusco (Peru) which are committed to select its members and share efforts with Ruta Inka for a successful completion in Machu Picchu (Cusco - Peru).

We have also requested the support from various universities, municipalities and indigenous organizations in the mentioned regions. On the other hand, participants in the expedition will contribute to the success of the event, as they will be selected considering their dedication to service and identification with our corporate objectives of defense and promotion of indigenous rights

A.3. This program shall run biennially from 2016. Ruta Inka has raised a petition to the Governor of the State of Acre, to count on his leadership to turn Ruta Inka into a governmental program in future editions.

Bienvenida B. Selection of participants for the Antisuyo Expedition:

B.1. This expedition will consist of a maximum of 50 participants, including UN volunteers, professors, instructors, artists, journalists, organizers and students from Brazil, and other countries of the world. They will be selected in recognition of their academic records, demonstrated leadership and tolerant attitude, and proof that are ready to assume responsibilities and accept the challenges they will face, for example, performing intense activities (hiking, sports tournaments, ability to adapt to adverse climate conditions and coexist with native communities, etc.). We will also take into consideration applicants’ identification with indigenous cultures and his/her vocation of service towards indigenous communities.

B.2. Applicants will be shortlisted taking into consideration their respective application forms containing their identification, an expression of interest in the program, their proposals to contribute to the success of the expedition and their compliance with the rules and procedure of the expedition.

B.2.A UN Volunteers interested in participating in the expedition must attach a copy of a document proving their activities in the service of the UN to be accepted. Similarly artists, professors and journalists interested in participating must submit a Cover Letter from the institutions they belong to; explaining in it how they will contribute to the success of the expedition. The age limit for the participants of this section is 50 years old. Journalists interested in accompanying this journey, may provide media coverage by producing a report or documentary on the activities of the expedition. They will also cooperate disseminating the present Call for Participation among their respective audiences.

B.2.A Students between 18 and 25 years old will be selected in recognition of their academic records, their demonstrated leadership and tolerance, and their courage to take challenges, to assume responsibilities and to perform intense activities (hiking, sports tournaments, ability to adapt themselves to adverse climate conditions and to coexist with native communities, etc.). We will also take into consideration applicants’ identification with indigenous cultures and his/her vocation of service towards indigenous communities. 


B.3. After submitting the Application Form, Shortlisted Applicants must send the following documents:

A copy of your passport / national identity card and your CV with a recent photo.

A cover letter demonstrating your leadership, vocation of service to the community, a good physical condition and environmental awareness, multiculturalism and promotion of the ancient indigenous peoples’ cultures. This letter must be signed by an official of your school (principal teacher, Dean, Rector, etc.) or alternatively by an authority from the town where you are living or from the organization that you are working for (if a letter from the Municipality is not possible, it shall be granted by another organization that promotes the protection of the environment or the rights of indigenous peoples). The letter should be issued on the granting organization’s letterhead, and should include the telephone number and email address of the undersigned authority, in order to facilitate a possible contact from our organization during the selection process.

A Monograph on one of the following topics: 

- ‘Mother Earth: The need for its protection in order to preserve life’.

- ‘Sumak Kawsay:the indigenous concept of good-living’.

(Add your personal suggestions for the success of the expedition).

The application form with the required data and annexes. (A copy of your passport and/or national identity card, your CV with a recent photograph and a copy of your academic record).

B.4. The deadline for submitting applications is May 30, 2016 or until all vacancies are filled.

B.5 Papers may be submitted in Spanish, English or Portuguese; they will become property of the organization and will not be returned. Ruta Inka may foster its publication with mention of their authors, through its partner institutions and/or sponsors.


C. Selection of monitors:

C.1. Two monitors (men or women) will be selected among the candidates with the best training and leadership skills to lead youth groups. Priority will be given to former explorers who have excelled in their vocation of service, loyalty and identification with the Ruta Inka and its objectives.

C.2. Monitors will be between 25 and 35 years old. For the selection process they should send us their CV along with a Cover Letter exposing his career, experience, merits and why they are interested in participating. Former participants will attach a summary of the actions or publications that they have made to disseminate our program or for the benefit of the communities associated with the Ruta Inka.

C.3. All applicants shall submit their applications to the following address:

Universidade Federal do Acre - Assessoria de Cooperação Interinstitucional,

Campus Universitário - BR 364, Km 04 - Distrito industrial - CEP: 69.920-900

Rio Branco – Acre. Brazil.  A copy of the monographs will be sent by email to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

Go to the Screening Form Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa

(*)Pending of approval by the Government of Acre and the Federal University of Acre.


¿Quienes pueden participar en la Ruta?


Los periodistas serán acreditados por su medio de prensa e indicar a que ruta va


Jovenes que estudian en Univervidades, Intitutos, colegios

Docentes y Catedraticos

Docentes y catedraticos que esten involucrados con la cultura de saberes ancestrales


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